Rita Wilson joins ‘Masked Singer’ as the Super 8 Becomes 6

The Masked Singer: Season Five Super Eight faced off in a two-hour spectacular. (Photos & graphics property of FOX)

For the first time in Season Five, The Masked Singer Super Eight are together! Group A (Robopine, Russian Dolls, Seashell, and Yeti) and Group B (Black Swan, Chameleon, Crab, and Piglet) faced off for the first time. However, the stakes were high as two performers would be unmasked at the end of the show!

Which performers made it to The Masked Singer: Season Five Spicy Six? Who joined Kermit the Frog, Caitlyn Jenner, Logan Paul, and Mark McGrath in the Season Five elimination club? Did the panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy) correctly deduce their identities? Also, how did the panel react as Cluedle-Doo made his debut on The Masked Singer stage? Read on to find out!

Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly reported that actress and singer Rita Wilson would join the panel for the Super Eight. After Nick introduced her, it was time to get down to business. After Nick introduced her, it was time to get down to business. The Piglet returned to the stage, and we all know that it is Nick Lachey. He sang Foo Fighters’ “The Pretenders,” and he rocked the show! I hope that Nick records this song after the show is over. Rita said that Piglet “moved like a rock star.” For this week’s clue, they talked about the celebrity’s favorite food. Piglet’s favorite food was Cotton Candy. Jenny guessed that the Piglet was Lance Bass. Meanwhile, Ken thought it was Adam Levine. However, Rita assumed Nick Jonas.

Cluedle-Doo finally revealed himself to The Masked Singer panel and wowed to shake up their confidence. As Ken began to rethink his strategy, Robopine was the second performer to take the stage. He revealed that he was struggling with depression in his pre-performance package. His version of“Let’s Get It On” was fabulous! I thought that Ruben Studdard was behind the Robopine mask. Nicole loved his “deep, dark, milky chocolate” voice. Robopine’s food order was a lobster. Robin predicted that Terry Crews was Robopine, while Ken thought of Aaron Hall. However, Nicole still thought it was Jamie Foxx and put money in the frequent guest jar.

Chameleon ran into Cluedle-Doo backstage. The latter threatened to expose his identity, while the performer vowed to honor his friend and mentor. Chameleon delivered an excellent performance, and I believe that this guy is Wiz Khalifa. Guest panelist Rita Wilson showcased a talent we did not expect from her. She freestyled rap and impressed me. I wonder if she taught her son, Chet Hanks, how to freestyle, or was it the other way around? Jenny thought Chameleon was Machine Gun Kelly. However, Ken thought it was NBA star Kyrie Irving. As promised, Cluedle-Doo revealed that the Chameleon was involved on the Golden Globes and Robin almost got it as he mentioned Wiz Khalifa.

The Yeti revealed that he received an incredible opportunity in his pre-performance package, but his ego blew it. The panelists guessed that he turned his life around. The Yeti skated onto The Masked Singer stage and performed Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco’s “Lonely.” I got the same chills that I received when Flower (Patti LaBelle) and Thingamajig (Victor Oladipo) performed “Amazed” and “Rainbow,” respectively, in Season Two. It was one of the season’s haunting and heartbreaking performances that we have seen on The Masked Singer stage. My guesses for Yeti continue to fluctuate to either Omarion or Jordan Fisher. Nicole wiped away tears as she praised the Yeti’s performance. His food order clue was a dozen donuts! Nicole thought Yeti Mask was Todrick Hall, while Ken Jeong thought it was Justin Timberlake. However, Robin hit the nail on the head with Omarion, but he quickly changed it to Mario.

During their pre-performance package, the Russian Dolls revealed that they went around in circles, and they announced to the panel that they also sold out one of the biggest music venues in the country. They sang Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” and had four dolls this time around. I am torn between both the Hanson Brothers and the Jonas Brothers. Rita praised their harmonies, and Jenny predicted that they would go all the way. Ken stated that the Russian Dolls could be the Jonas Brothers. However, both Rita and Nicole thought it was Hanson.

Backstage, Cluedle-Doo lurked as Crab took the Masked Singer stage. This time, he sang Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” and Bobby Brown gave me chills. I am convinced that Bobby Brown is behind the costume. Robin praised Crab’s bravery as he overcame so many fears throughout the competition. The Crab’s food order clue was marshmallows. Robin thought it was Ray Parker, Jr. Meanwhile, Jenny thought it was Flavor Flav, and Nicole guessed that Keith Sweat was Crab.

Nick revealed to Seashell that he knew her true identity. In a “breaking news” pre-performance package, she told the audience that her confidence had gone up thanks to performing on this show. Seashell performed Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” and gave me chills. Cluedle-Doo appeared, took control of the clue robot, and apologized to both Jenny and Ken before leaving the stage. The Seashell warned Cluedle-Doo that she might make him “fried chicken.” Ken thought Seashell was Sarah Silverman. Meanwhile, Nicole thought it was Tamera Mowery. However, Rita thought it was Scout Willis. Before the show went to commercial, Cluedle-Doo revealed that the Seashell loved grapes (both red and green).

Black Swan took the stage and stated that her mom was her inspiration. The Cinderella-themed pre-package was dedicated to her mom. Tonight, she sang Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” and I still believe that Black Swan is Leona Lewis. Nicole called her a musician, while Rita praised Black Swan for making “Use Somebody” her own. Black Swan’s food order was Goldfish crackers. Rita Wilson thought it was Kesha, while Ken thought it was Nelly Furtado. Meanwhile, Nicole thought Black Swan was JoJo and Becky G.

After eight spectacular performances, it was time for the unmasking. The Crab was the first performer of the evening to be sent home! Robin’s first impression guess was Kool, but he changed it to Ray Parker, Jr. Nicole’s first impression was one of the Jacksons, and she changed it to Keith Sweat. Both Jenny and Ken’s initial guesses were Bobby Brown and stood by their guesses. Rita suggested that the Crab Mask was Martin Lawrence. Ken, Jenny, and I were right… BOBBY BROWN was The Crab Mask!

As Bobby Brown left the stage, the Seashell was the second mask to send home. Ken thought Seashell was Kristin Chenoweth but changed it to Sarah Silverman. Nicole thought it was Hillary Duff, but she changed it to Tamera Mowery. Jenny thought Seashell was Vanessa Hudgens and doubled down. Meanwhile, Robin initially thought it was Ashley Judd. He changed it to Hailee Duff. Rita stood by her guess of Scout Willis. Nicole was correct…Seashell was Tamera Mowery!

In two weeks, the Spicy Six face off!

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